Friday, July 28, 2000

Night vision

Went to the club after work and made one jump before sunset. Didn't feel like hanging around & hit the road just as the rain moved in. Moments after pulling onto the freeway it was like I drove into a waterfall - visibility nil, everyone crawling along. Watched a pickup spin into the ditch in the opposite lane. Then just as suddenly, I drove out the other side of the waterfall. It's been a beautiful night since.

Was welcomed at home by the sight of the girl in the apartment directly across from me walking around naked. She had her blinds wide open and every light on. For half an hour she dried her hair, smoothed lotion over her whole body, and paced around talking on the phone. At one point she stood looking out the sliding patio door directly at me, paused for a long moment, then continued about her naked business.