Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Masochist: "Hurt me."
Sadist: "No."

Kim: This guy sent me an email today saying that he would pay me $1000 to dress in dominatrix gear and be mean to him.
Todd1: Hm. Sounds fun. Would he provide the gear?
Kim: Yeah that is what i was wondering. I think I shall email him back about the specifics of that.
Todd: So do you know how to be mean? Or would you have to read up on that?
Kim: No, not at all. I'm a fast learner. We shall see.
Kim: Ok. I don't know why he would assume I would do such a thing. Do i look the type or something? The nerve man.

Todd: Oh yeah -- that's the first thing I thought of when I saw you: "Hey, I bet she'd whip me."
Kim: oh shit you just made me get beer up my nose.