Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hank's Tank

Hank's enormous saltwater reef tank has been chosen as Tank of the Month by The Reef Tank.

This homebuilt seascape is packed with carefully chosen exotic fish and corals:

"I have everything from Zoos and Yuma's to Acroporas, Merulina and Frogspawns."

And required a surprising amount of engineering and impenetrable terminology:

120gl All Glass Aquarium with the Mega flow overflows
45gl Basement Sump
75 Hang on AGA tank - Low Flow, No Lights (pseudo Cryptic Zone - mostly for water volume) with live rock, various sponges and duster clusters.

ASM G3 Skimmer, 1 Sea Swirl running a closed loop using a MAG 9.5, TUNZE Osmolator Auto Top off, SEIO power head...

I have no idea how much this obsession has cost him in money and time, but the thing is freaking beautiful.